list of categories

Here is the list of categories I need. Probably more to add, but it is a start.

Main Page


  1. We Buy and Sell Pallets

– We Buy

  1. Standard Pallets
  2. Euro Pallets
  3. Plastic Pallets


We Sell

2) Standard 1165mm Pallets

  • Recycled
  1. Heavy Weight (Sub = HW3BB, HW4BB, HW5BB)
  2. Light Weight (LW 4 Bearer, LW 3 Bearer)

Please view our range of new and recycled Standard Pallets to find out more.

– New 1165mm pallets

  1. Light weight
  2. medium weight
  3. heavy weight (Sub = 1)Hardwood 2)Pine 3) Hybrid – new and recycled timber

-3) Recycled Pallets

drill down into:

– Miscellaneous one-way pallets

– Second hand export pallets  1070mm, 1100mm, 1120mm

– Second Hand Standard Pallets


– Euro Pallets 1200 x 800mm (Light Weight and Heavy Weight)

– Oversize pallets, double pallets

4) New Custom Made Pallets

– Sample pics of 2400 x 1200 double pallets

– 585 x 585mm quarter pallets

– 1165 x 5858mm half pallets

– Steel Sheet Pallets

5) Plastic Pallets

– 1100 x 1000mm (nestable and solid)

– 1200 x 1000mm (nestable and solid)

– 1200 x 800mm (nestable and solid)

– Many other sizes available

6) Heat Treated Export Pallets

– 1100 x 1100

– 1070 x 1070

– Many other sizes available

7) Crates and Boxes

– Sample pics of various different boxes

8) Waste Pallet Collection and Recycling Service

– Sample pic and info on tray truck collection service

– Sample pics and info on skip bin collection service

– Link to PDF Guidelines on Contamination

I will start sending batches of photos through over the coming days. I will try and label them clearly. Perhaps if you create a data base with these pics, I can upload them when I come in to write the text.

Please let me know if this all makes sense. We will fine tune as we go. I will give you a call to discuss.

In this section

We recycle timber packaging, commercial and builders waste and sell recycled pallets, crates and landscaping products.