Standard Pallets

In Australia, standard pallets are 1165x1165mm. This style is also known as a 2-way pallet as it allows forklift access from the front and back.

Features include:

  • Recycled standard pallets that have been repaired onsite or new standard pallets made from sustainably harvested plantation pine or a combination of both are available
  •  Lightweight, medium and heavy weight pallet varieties available
  • Fast delivery as this is a standard item and we always have available
  • Can be made to your specifications

If you are considering purchasing recycled pallets, you can find out more about what to expect here

We Buy Pallets

Light-weight Standard Pallets

1. Light-weight Standard Pallets - 4 Bearer
2. Light-weight Standard Pallets - 3 Bearer
3. Light-weight Standard New 100 x 12mm boards, 90 x 35mm bearers
4. Light Weight Standard New 100 x 12mm boards (7 top boards over 3 bottom boards)

Light-weight standard pallets can help reduce domestic freight costs as they are cheaper to purchase and can reduce air-freight charges.


  • Recycled options available, 4 bearer & 3 bearer
  • Most popular and affordable configurations
    • 7 top boards (100 x 12mm) with 3 bottom boards (100 x 12mm) and 3 bearers (either 90 x 35mm or 100 x 38mm)
    • 150mm wide boards

The configurations listed above are stock items and can be delivered at short notice.

Medium-weight Standard Pallets

1. Medium-weight Standard Pallet - Manufactured from new pine
2. Medium-weight Standard Pallets - 3 Bottom-boards

Medium-weight Standard Pallets are more cost-effective than heavy-duty pallets and this style is sometimes used for pallet racking.

Popular Medium-weight Standard Pallets include:

  •  7 top boards, 100 x 17mm pine
  • 3 bottom boards, 100 x 17mm pine
  • 3 bearers (either 90 x 35mm pine or 100 x 38mm pine)

Heavy-weight Standard Pallets

1. Heavy-weight Standard Pallet with 63mm Bearers
2. Heavy-weight Standard Pallets - 5 Bottom-boards
3. Heavy-weight Standard Pallets - 4 & 5 Bottom-boards
4. Heavy-weight Standard Pallets
5. Heavy-weight Standard Pallets
6. Heavy-weight Standard Pallets - 5 Bottom-board - Reconditioned
7. Heavy-weight Standard Pallets - 5 Bottom-boards
8. Full Cover Standard Pallet

Heavy-weight standard pallets are suitable for single or multiple uses and are designed to stand the test-of-time. This is the most reliable pallet for a heavy pay-load and the safest option when pallet racking heavier items is required.


  • Bearers range from 90 x 35mm to 100 x 38mm up to 100 x 63mm
  • Board thickness ranges from 20- 25mm
  • The pallets are sold using the following categories:
    • 5 bottom board – most suitable option for pallet racking
    • 4 bottom board – good all round heavy weight standard pallet
    • 3 bottom board – most affordable heavyweight standard pallet.
  • Please note there will be variation in styles and configurations within each of these categories