Smart Recycling gains Vic Roads accreditation

Smart Recycling’s crushed brick and concrete products have recently gained Vic Roads Accreditation and can now be used in the construction of Victorian roads, pavements and drainage systems.

The increased demand for residential land and associated environmental factors has constrained opportunities to establish or extend hard rock quarries in metropolitan Melbourne.  As a result quarried rock is now seen as a finite resource in metropolitan Melbourne and the cost and environmental impacts of transporting this heavy material from regional areas is considered unsustaianable.  Due to these factors recycled road-base products are increasingly being seen as a viable alternative to virgin quarry rock.

Smart Recycling’s road-base material is currently being used to build new road infrastructure at <a href="”>Salta’s Inland Port Development, a project of state significance,  that is currently under-construction on land adjacent to the Smart Recycling Depot in Dandenong South.

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