Recycled Timber Products

At Smart Recycling we want to ensure we find a buyer or a use for the timber entering our site. When restoring pallets for example, we check to see if they are made from valuable timber products before mulching. We have received pallets made from Siberian Ash, American Oak and Cherry, all timbers valued by furniture makers and woodworkers.  Some of the timber products available on-site include:

  • Furniture timbers
  • Dowels
  • Recycled fence palings
  • Packs of recycled timbers
  • Spacers, gluts, bearers, packers
  • Pits lids
  • Ply sheets
1. Plywood sheets
2. 1165mm x 1000mm Pit Lids - Held together with recycled conveyor belt rubber strips, this product will survive the toughest work-site conditions.
3. Furniture made from Smart Recycling timber
4. Siberian Fir / Baltic Pine