Affordable Mixed Pallets

Mixed Size Cheap Pallets in Melbourne

Features Include:

  • Common sizes include 1100mm, 1120mm, 1200mm and are sold in mixed loads
  • Specific sizes be selected for an additional fee
1. Mixed Pallets - Sample Mix
2. Mixed Pallets - Sample Mix
3. 1420 x 1100mm Bottle Pallets
4. Mixed Pallets from - 1000 - 1200mm


  • One-way pallets that range in size from 1000mm up to 1400mm.
  • Common sizes include 1100mm, 1120mm, 1200mm.
  • Can be square, rectangular, block or bearer style
  • A cheaper alternative to standard sized pallets, yet do the same job
  • Prices start from $5.00 + GST depending on volume and type.