Smart Recycling is one of Melbourne's largest pallet recycling and manufacturing facilities. We sell both affordable reconditioned and recycled pallets and custom-made pallets, manufactured onsite, from sustainably harvested and recycled timbers.   Our Timber Waste Collection Service will also pick-up your timber packaging waste while we drop-off your pallet order.   Contact us if you want to save money and the environment.  

Pallets are the backbone of a multitude of Melbourne industries, including manufacturing, retail and construction.

Smart Recycling is a Melbourne-based pallet recycling and manufacturing service.
Smart Recycling offer a timber waste and pallet collection service and sell both recycled and new pallets, crates and boxes to companies throughout Melbourne. We completely recondition and repair our recycled products.  We can also custom manufacture pallets, to your specifications, from sustainably harvested plantation pine, recycled timber or a combination of both.

We help over 2000 companies to improve their environmental performance while also saving them money because:

  • Our recycled pallets cost significantly less than new pallets
  • Our timber waste collection fees are approximately half the price of sending timber waste to landfill
  • We can reduce your freight costs through back-loading your timber waste when we deliver your pallet order

Smart Recycling is the right choice for pallet recycling services and sales. We offer affordable prices, dedicated customer service and swift delivery.

To find out more about our recycled products, download our information sheet about purchasing-recycled-pallets.

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We recycle timber packaging, commercial and builders waste and sell recycled pallets, crates and landscaping products.