Smart Recycling is owned by Ward Petherbridge and operates from the family-owned, Waste Converters site in Dandenong South. Ward’s father Geoff Petherbridge bought the site in 1982. At the time it was operating as a solid inert waste tip and sand pit.

After time spent living in Europe and studying environmental science, Ward joined his father’s business in 1995 with a vision to turn the facility into a recycling business.  As a passionate advocate for industrial recycling, Ward has built Smart Recycling, into a successful business that annually diverts over 50,000 tonnes of waste from the following streams:

  • Timber packaging including, pallets, crates and boxes
  • Commercial and Industrial (C&I)
  • Construction and Demolition (C&D)

Smart Recycling transforms 95% of waste received into useful, cost effective, environmentally friendly products and provides a net carbon benefit of 14,500 tonnes from timber recycling alone.


Timber Waste Collected from a jobsite

We recycle timber packaging, commercial and builders waste and sell recycled pallets, crates and landscaping products.